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The Rules of Modern Calligraphy
The Rules of Modern Calligraphy

The Rules of Modern Calligraphy

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Registration re-opened! Our best-selling course

Hong Kong Calligraphy Workshop: Dip Pen Modern Calligraphy

Is this you?

  • You've always wanted to try calligraphy, but you don't know how or where to start...

  • You're overwhelmed by all the calligraphy information and lost motivation to start altogether...

  • You've bought dozens practice guides and tried to teach yourself calligraphy, only to be convinced of your 'lack of talent'...

  • You've joined some lettering classes, but you're not writing as beautifully as you'd like to...

  • You blame yourself for not practising enough for not seeing an improvement in your lettering, but your gut tells you something else is missing...

    If you’re feeling the frustration, this couse will teach you how to write with confidence and ease in just 2 clases.

You’ll be able to create calligraphy piece without relying on the practice pad. I’ve taught over 100 students and the success rate is 100% :)

This is the calligraphy course you’ll never regret joining.

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