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Corporate Calligraphy Work and Services
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Hong Kong Based Luxury Calligraphy Service

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Sprink Calligraphy provides luxury workshop ideas and a wide range of calligraphy services. The calligraphy service provided by Sprink offers clients and their prestigious customers a full suite of services encompassing the design of products, production, and logistics.

With our streamlined execution and meticulous client service, Sprink Calligraphy intimately studies and understands the client’s brand’s values and representations. With the ability to more than just write, but bring value to the brand, Sprink Calligraphy has been the ‘one-stop-shop’ for brands to create customized goods that align with brand value and bring satisfying crafting experiences to valued customers, for any product of festive campaigns, at any scale, anywhere in the world.

Careful planning and professional execution are our philosophy.

All of our offerings has the potential of becoming a luxury workshop to impress your valued customers with new experiences. Write to us for more ideas.

Brand Activation/Product Launch+

Engraving, calligraphy (Chinese and English), gold foiling, floral illustration
Trilingual, native fluency
Artist team available.

Luxury Workshops+

Includes products design, sourcing, packaging, and execution
Trilingual, native fluency
Artist team available

CRM Gifting+

Includes products design, sourcing, packaging, and execution
We take rush order and quick turnaround

Influencer/PR Gifting+

Includes products design, sourcing, packaging, and execution.
We take rush order and quick turnaround

Corporate Workshops+

A variety of calligraphy class focusing on mindfulness (uncial, gothic, copperplate, modern, flourishing)
Festive themed calligraphy, arts and crafts classes
Trilingual, native fluency


A classic luxury brand activation.
Customizing gifts by ‘writing’ on glass and other materials in calligraphy.

Permanent effect. A golden shade can be applied to the letters.

Chanel product: Calligraphy engraving on designer items


Private Client
Engraving on Lipsticks in Calligraphy font

Louis Vuitton: Calligraphy personalization on iconic products

Louis Vuitton

Private Client
Engraving on Perfume(Curved Surface)
Freehand engraving in classical calligraphy style

Christofle: Calligraphy engraving for luxury goods customization


Engraving on Silver
Freehand engraving on a curved surface
Personalization with name and date

Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Bespoke calligraphy on fragrances

Maison Francis Kurdijian

Christmas 2021
Freehand engraving on flat surface in Calligraphy font and with gold colour added.

Hermès: Personalized calligraphy engraving on high-end accessories


H24 Launch, Father's Day & Christmas 2021-2022
Freehand engraving on a range on perfumes in calligraphy font


Writing cards or personalized messages in beautiful handwriting.

A wide range of colours available.

Dip pen calligraphy creates a more classy feeling, while permanent markers are perfect for non-paper surfaces.

Signature Homes: Calligraphy on luxury residences greeting card

Signature Homes by SHK

Luxury recidences lobby greeting card
Font: Classical Italic flourished
Colour: Custom gold

Grand Hyatt: Calligraphy for engagement party place cards

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Engagement party custom place cards
Production and calligraphy
Font: Elegant chic
Colour: Walnut (dark brown)

Private event: Calligraphy for exquisite personalized messages

Private Event

Chinese New Year Gift 2019
Font: Chinese Calligraphy, traditional cursive
Colour: Black with gold

111SKIN: Elegant calligraphy on beauty product packaging


Chinese New Year Gift 2021
Font: Classical flourished
Colour: Noir Japanese Sumi Ink)

RIMOWA: Stylish calligraphy for premium luggage envelope addressing


Christmas 2021
Envelope addressing
Colour: Noir (Japanese Sumi Ink)

Hermès: Custom calligraphy for luxury fashion brand


Christmas cards 2021
Font: Classical flourished
Colour: Walnut (dark brown)


Personalizing items by writing calligraphy with a heat foil pen. Suitable for various surfaces to give a shiny appearance. Recommended surfaces include genuine leather, PU leather, and ribbons.

Permanent effect with proper care. Common colours include gold, silver, and rose gold. Custom colour available.

This can be turned into a luxury workshop that offers sufficient hands-on experience for your valued customers.

La Prairie: Calligraphy gold foil personalization on luxury skincare

La Prairie

Luxury workshop and In-store Activation
Silver foil on genuine leather

Private event: Calligraphy gold foil on faux leather cases

Private Event Gifting

Christmas Party Gift
Gold foil with personalization on faux leather case

Mercedes Benz: Calligraphy gold foil on notebook covers

Mercedes Benz

Product Iaunch Event Gold and rose gold foiling on Moleskine notebook covers

Corporate gifting: Calligraphy gold foil on custom pocket mirrors

Corporate Gifting

Staff Benefit
Gold foil personalization on customized pocket mirror with hot-pressed
Swarovski crystals

Luxury Workshop/Event

We provide the team with luxury workshop ideas for campaigns and exclusive events that allow your valued customers to get their hands on a variety of artistic and creative activities.

We provide curate, source and produce custom gifts and on-brand packaging apart from delivering the workshops. We also take care of paperwork by producing mock-ups and briefing material required for internal communication and circulation.

Case Study: La Prairie Platinum Rare

Luxury Workshops and In-Store Activation

Coordinated 10 artists in Hong Kong and Macau for a 30-day campaign, served over 450 customers and sourced all products with packaging.

Customized gift mock-ups: Digital & physical calligraphy samples for project discussions

1. Mock-ups of Customized Gift

Creating digital and physical mock-ups to aid with internal communication and project discussion

Customized gift & packaging: Luxury calligraphy on leather mask covers for La Prairie VIPs

2. Customized Gift and Packaging

Source and produce customized genuine leather mask covers with plastic film lining and packaging exclusive for La Prairie VIPs.

Exquisitely designed to match the luxury brand’s representation

Workshop flow design: Tailor-made calligraphy workshop planning & document creation

3. Workshop Flow Design

Provide tailor-made workshop flow with our professional know-how.
Create written related documents to assist internal communication and execution

Trilingual luxury workshop: Calligraphy events in English, Mandarin & Cantonese for VIPs

4. Trilingual Luxury Workshop and VIP Participation

Deliver workshops by our experienced calligraphy artists fluent in three languages (English, Mandarin, and Cantonese).

VIPs are encouraged to actively participate in the workshop and necessary assistance is provided to ensure the customer enjoys the workshop and walk away with a fine product

Professional artist team: Calligraphy experts assisting customers throughout the campaign

5. Professional Artist Team

A team of professional calligraphy artist available for extensive campaign period.
Calligraphers will assist the customer uponrequest or when necessary by striking a balance between experience and creating a satisfying product.

Fun experience: Stress-free & satisfying calligraphy workshops for luxury brand clients

6. Fun Experience

Experienced in serving luxury brand customers, Sprink Calligraphy takes care to ensure the hands-on experience is stress-free and satisfying for the customers.

Christmas and New Year Gift Ideas

We provide ideas, source and produce custom gifts and on-brand packaging for year-end gifting and other occasions. Beautiful handwriting in different calligraphy styles and quick turnaround guaranteed. We take rush orders while maintaining a high standard of work.

Personalized necklace: Unique holiday gifts with calligraphy

Personalized Necklace

Adjustable. gold plated necklace with names written in calligraphy font
Colour choices: gold, rose gold, silver

Gifting packaging: Calligraphy engraving for festive presents

Gifting Packaging

On-brand packaging design, sourcing, and production.

Christmas ornaments: Custom calligraphy for holiday decorations

Christmas Ornaments

Diameter -6cm, hand-blown.
Custom hand-dyed feathers to represent the brand's colour
Two kinds of caps (gold and silver) and a variety of ribbon colours available.
Personalized in beautiful handwriting or any specific calligraphy font.
Suitable as Christmas gift or themed banquet keepsake.

Pink Christmas ornaments: Calligraphy engraving on festive items

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas cards: Personalized calligraphy for holiday greetings

Christmas Cards

Rush order cards writing in a variety of ink colour to match your brand.
Multiple handwritten fonts available.

Floral globe with fairy lights: Calligraphy on enchanting decorations

Floral Globe with Fairy Lights

Preserved flowers placed in hand-blown glass globe, decorated with fairy light.
Gift can be placed inside the glas globe through the opening at the back.
Custom colours and thre sizes available.
Suitable as Christmas gift, and for Valentine's Day or themed dinners for luxury brands.

Floral globe: Personalized calligraphy on unique holiday gifts

Floral Globe

Without fairy light

Faux leather pocket mirror: Custom calligraphy for holiday presents

Faux Leather Pocket Mirror

High quality mirrors personalized with gold foil and Swarovski crystals. Agate with message available
Suitable as beauty brand gifts. Customizable colours

Corporate Workshop

We offer mindfulness calligraphy workshops and festive-themed DIY craft workshops.
Lessons can be taught in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese with native fluency.

For more corporate or luxury workshop ideas, please get in touch with us.

Mixed media calligraphy: Creative class with origami and DIY elements

Mixed Media Calligraphy

Mixed-media calligraphy class that includes origami and DIY elements, eg. secret-message candle, Christmas ornaments, and scent-infusion.
The image shown above is from our Christmas calligraphy workshop- writing on DIY baubles/ornaments
Flexible duration. One-time, 60 -90 minutes
All materials are covered.

Christmas calligraphy flourishing: Tree creation with calligraphy pen

Christmas Calligraphy Flourishing

Create your Christmas tree using a traditional calligraphy pen and flourishing technique. Decorated with crystals to add the extra bling effect.
Suitable for one-time class, 60-90 minutes.
All materials are covered.

Gold foiling calligraphy: Shimmery calligraphy greeting cards with foil pen

Gold Foiling Calligraphy

Learn to create shimmery and colourful calligraphy greeting cards with a foil pen! Fun, casy, and allows a lot of room for creativity
One-time, 45-90 minutes
All materials are covered.

Brush pen calligraphy: Seasonal calligraphy phrases taught in workshop

Brush Pen Calligraphy

Participants will learn to write calligraphy with the handy brush pen.
Seasonal phrases will also be taught in class.
Flexible duration:
1.One-time, 45-90minutes
2.24 classes, 1-1.5hr weekly class
All materials are covered.

Classic dip pen calligraphy: Traditional calligraphy writing tool in class

Classic Dip Pen Calligraphy

In this class, participants will learn to write calligraphy with the classic writing tool dip pen.
Flexible duration:
1. One-time, 45-90minutes
2.2-4 classes, 1-1.5hr weekly class
All materials are covered.

Mindfulness calligraphy: Breathing techniques combined with writing

Mindfulness Calligraphy

In this class, participants will practice mindfulness by learning to write calligraphy combined with breathing technique.
Flexible duration:
1. One-time, 45-90minutes
2.2-4 classes, 1-1.5hr weekly class
All materials are covered.

Chinese painting: Calligraphy for floral illustrations expressing well-wishes

Chinese Painting

Participants will learn to paint traditional Chinese painting and create floral illustrations that express well-wishes in Chinese culture.
Lantern-making is available for mid-autumn festival, Chinese Valentine's Day, or upon special request.
Flexible duration:
1. One-time, 45-90minutes
2.2 classes, 1-1.5hr weekly class

Watercolor floral: Calligraphy to paint wreaths, patterns, or decorated alphabets

Watercolour Floral

In this clas, participants will learn to paint watercolour floral wreath, patterns, or decorate alphabets with floral illustrations.
Flexibile duration:
1. One-time, 45-90 minutes
2.2 classes, 1-1.5hr weekly class
All materials are provided.

Watercolor calligraphy: Create calligraphy greeting cards with water brush pen

Watercolour Calligraphy

Learn to write calligraphy with watercolour and a water brush pen. Create fun and colourful greeting cards!
Flexibile duration:
1.One-time, 45-90 minutes
2.24 classes, Ihr weekly class
All materials are covered.

Looking for more Christmas activity and gift ideas?

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