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Sprink Calligraphy provides luxury workshop ideas and a wide range of calligraphy services. The calligraphy service provided by Sprink offers clients and their prestigious customers a full suite of services encompassing the design of products, production, and logistics.

With our streamlined execution and meticulous client service, Sprink Calligraphy intimately studies and understands the client’s brand’s values and representations. With the ability to more than just write, but bring value to the brand, Sprink Calligraphy has been the ‘one-stop-shop’ for brands to create customized goods that align with brand value and bring satisfying crafting experiences to valued customers, for any product of festive campaigns, at any scale, anywhere in the world.

Careful planning and professional execution are our philosophy.

All of our offerings has the potential of becoming a luxury workshop to impress your valued customers with new experiences. Write to us for more ideas.

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A classic luxury brand activation.
Customizing gifts by ‘writing’ on glass and other materials in calligraphy.

Permanent effect. A golden shade can be applied to the letters.

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Writing cards or personalized messages in beautiful handwriting.

A wide range of colour available.

Dip pen calligraphy creates a more classy feeling, while permanent markers are perfect for non-paper surfaces.

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Personalizing items by writing calligraphy with a heat foil pen. Suitable for various surfaces to give a shiny appearance. Recommended surfaces include genuine leather, PU leather, and ribbons.

Permanent effect with proper care. Common colours include gold, silver, and rose gold. Custom colour available.

This can be turned into a luxury workshop that offers sufficient hands-on experience for your valued customers.

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Luxury Workshop/Event

We provide the team with luxury workshop ideas for campaigns and exclusive events that allow your valued customers to get their hands on a variety of artistic and creative activities.

We provide curate, source and produce custom gifts and on-brand packaging apart from delivering the workshops. We also take care of paperwork by producing mock-ups and briefing material required for internal communication and circulation.


Case Study: La Prairie Platinum Rare

Luxury Workshops and In-Store Activation

Coordinated 10 artists in Hong Kong and Macau for a 30-day campaign, served over 450 customers and sourced all products with packaging.

1. Mock-ups of Customized Gift

Creating digital and physical mock-ups to aid with internal communication and project discussion

2. Customized Gift and Packaging

Source and produce customized genuine leather mask covers with plastic film lining and packaging exclusive for La Prairie VIPs.

Exquisitely designed to match the luxury brand’s representation.

3. Workshop Flow Design

Provide tailor-made workshop flow with our professional know-how.
Create written related documents to assist internal communication and execution

4. Trilingual Luxury Workshop and VIP Participation

Deliver workshops by our experienced calligraphy artists fluent in three languages (English, Mandarin, and Cantonese).

VIPs are encouraged to actively participate in the workshop and necessary assistance is provided to ensure the customer enjoys the workshop and walk away with a fine product.

5. Professional Artist Team

A team of professional calligraphy artist available for extensive campaign period.
Calligraphers will assist the customer upon request or when necessary by striking a balance between experience and creating a satisfying product.

6. Fun Experience

Experienced in serving luxury brand customers, Sprink Calligraphy takes care to ensure the hands-on experience is stress-free and satisfying for the customers.


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Christmas and New Year Gift Ideas

We provide ideas, source and produce custom gifts and on-brand packaging for year-end gifting and other occasions. Beautiful handwriting in different calligraphy styles and quick turnaround guaranteed. We take rush orders while maintaining a high standard of work.

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Corporate Workshop

We offer mindfulness calligraphy workshops and festive-themed DIY craft workshops.
Lessons can be taught in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese with native fluency.

For more corporate or luxury workshop ideas, please get in touch with us.

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