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The Ultimate Calligraphy Improver Guidesheet

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You practice every day, but notice a very slow improvement and your calligraphy looks different every time. You become frustrated. Calligraphy isn't fun for you anymore.

Every day, you scroll your Instagram or Pinterest, admiring how others write so nicely and begin to feel bad about yourself.

I used to do that too and my improvement was super S.L.O.W. And the same letters look different every time I write them…
That's because I did one thing wrong:
I draw a line and start practicing.
No guide sheet.

But you can totally improve your calligraphy FAST, and start loving your own work.

Here’s why: 

  • While we somehow get the idea that modern calligraphy = write as you wish, there’s a certain pattern underpinning the letters. That single line won’t help us identify it.  

  • Because we haven’t learnt about the pattern, we start looking on Pinterest and the ‘Gram for inspo, oh and from different calligraphers. We pick up an ‘a’ here and an ‘m’ there. No wonder they look so different! 

  • You’re practicing without a guide sheet! While this can be negligible, I totally recommend you to use one because it tells you exactly how tall and wide your letter should be. Using this precious sheet of paper saves you tonnes of sweat and tears.