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About Hong Kong Calligrapher Jenny

SPRINK = Spread the Ink!

由正在攻讀博士學位的書法藝術家 Jenny K 成立,SPRINK 旨在透過有系統的教學方法,令所有自認沒有藝術天份的人都可以享受書法和繪畫的樂趣。

作為過來人,Jenny 比一般藝術家,更明白大眾學習書法和繪畫時面對的困難,成立至今已幫助逾百位同學,學會書法和繪畫各種作品,令藝術成為他們生活中的一部份。如你也對課程有興趣,歡迎按這裡了解更多,你也可在 Facebook 或 Instagram 專頁和 Jenny 親自對話。

Sprink Calligraphy Art and Design Studio 的服務範圍除了包括教學,更包括現場書法服務及 VIP event 諮詢。你可到這裡了解曾合作過的知名品牌及參閱活動照片,或按這裡聯絡我們

Jenny 亦擅於以書法及圖畫,記錄和表達有紀念性的時刻,曾多次登上國際知名婚禮雜誌,為本地及海外新娘設計優雅與故事感兼備的婚帖和禮物。歡迎您到照片庫參觀,或直接聯絡我們查詢

Hi! This is Jenny and I’d like to share with you my calligraphy journey…
My love of calligraphy happened naturally. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but have always had a love for English literature. Since high school I've always been fascinated by the elegant writing, the lettering and decorations (the 'ornaments') on the book jackets of our assigned reading. Whenever I came across an inspiring line from the literature I'm reading, I'd thought 'how nice if I could have them in beautiful handwriting'. But resources was scarce back then and I didn't even know what those beautiful writings are called - call me silly, but I didn’t even know those were called ‘calligraphy’.

Fast-forward to 2013. I picked up a calligraphy book called Introduction to Copperplate (a kind of 17th century handwriting) in the university library. Self-learning didn't work out.

I needed a teacher. I'm picky when it comes to learning and finding the perfect teacher. Calligraphy is a form of art that elevates even the most ordinary objects. I don't want someone who will only demonstrates their beautiful writing. I also want them to explain clearly what makes the writing beautiful, and how I can do that too.

This perfect teacher finally appeared in 2018. He is a world-renowned whose works have been exhibited in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, among many other museums.

I am greatly influenced by his artistic insights, believing that in order to write with the utmost elegance, we need to understand the history of calligraphy. So I started to study the Greek Roman capitals, and then uncial, blackletters and italic. Consequently, my modern calligraphy gained a new kind of elegance because of this knowledge. And calligraphy has truly opened the doors to art for me, leading me to the study of botanical arts and I’ve been a student of London Art College since 2019 studying how to draw beautiful florals. And that has lead me into designing calligraphy wedding invitations so yes you can call the whole journey a rabbit hole…which I absolutely love!

Today, I've been a proud teacher of more than 200 students and collaborated with different luxurious brands including Mercedes-Benz, among others. I combine my love of research (yes I’m working on my Ph.D degree in English literature!), I love to provide feedback to the brand I’m working with so we can come up with the best customizing product and service for the customers. I'm also dedicated to sharing my insights in calligraphy and drawing flowers in different workshops, so people who wish to write beautifully can find enjoyment in creating pleasant things. Let's SPRead the INK with love.

You can check out our past collaboration projects here or send us an email at info@sprink-art.com for more information about corporate events and workshops.