A Christmas Tree Flourishing
A Christmas Tree Flourishing
A Christmas Tree Flourishing
A Christmas Tree Flourishing
A Christmas Tree Flourishing

A Christmas Tree Flourishing

正常價格 $500.00

A Christmas tree flourishing - Christmas calligraphy class


Maybe you’ve always wanted to make a nice Christmas card, but

-You’re no good at art

-you’ve learned calligraphy, but you don’t want to so not boring Christmas cards (and you’re no good at art)

-You have dozens of friends to write to, but making a Christmas card is taking too much time

-You don’t think your handwriting is good enough for a nice, impressive Christmas card. You think learning Calligraphy now is probably too late!

if this is you, this class is perfectly designed for you.

After years of study and experiment, we have perfected our course content to ensure every student can walk away with a nice Christmas card they made themselves.

By implementing the technique called Calligraphy flourishing, in this 2-hour class you will learn how to build the Christmas tree shape one line at a time.

After this class, students in the past have learned to

-Consistently create beautiful Christmas tree flourishing in a short amount of time

-Decorate the Christmas tree skilfully with crystals to create impressive effect

-create other shapes based on the flourishing technique they learned to make a Christmas tree (eg star and heart shape).

Join us in this transformative class. This will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

2022 Class Details

Option 1: F2F

Dec 15 2022 (Thursday)


Glue Desk-One, Wanchai (Stat Street)

All materials are included (including Swarovski crystals)


Option 2: Online (recorded)

Available from Dec 15 onwards

2 hour class
6 months access



-for F2F class, $50 for bring your own pen option (BYOP)

-free shipping for purchase over HKD$800. To save on shipping, you may consider purchasing the Christmas copybooks and other calligraphy items.

-for for non-local delivery, the last order day is Dec 20 (option 2 online class). Please expect +2-3 days for delivery upon order.