The Luxury Brand Pitching Deck Template

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I’m disclosing my secret weapon to

  • working with luxury brands such as Hermès

  • landing 6-figure deals

  • get hired within 3 days (invited to work with them on the same day I pitched and delivered the work within 3 days)

  • be invites to work with high paying corporate and private clients by pitching my workshops

And more…

When I first started, I had zero connection in the industry. These templates helped me turn the table.

Well, you may be able to find some template out there, no one has talked about the different stages you can and should pitch, and how the templates will look different.

Upon purchase, you will receive three pitching deck templates. Each one of them correspond to a stage of your communication with a potential client (e.g. are they DM-ing you? Or have you worked together before?).

Each template includes detailed instructions on what to write and why you should fill in the information.

The page layouts are also aesthetically designed so you can simply drag and drop your content without worrying about formatting.

From handling enquiries from cold clients, to reconnecting with a previous client, these templates are everything you need.

The luxury industry is very difficult to navigate, and I am summarising all the secrets I’ve learnt throughout the years to help with your success.

The pre-sale period is now over, but you can still get the email and DM scripts at a special price now until Dec 10.

Pitching is powerful and it doesn’t need to be embarrassing. You’re just one step away from working with your dream client!

Lifetime access to the templates and updates will be available too.